Overseas Activites

Since its inception in 1999, British Indian Orthopaedic Society has actively been involved in interaction between Orthopaedic Surgeons between India and The United kingdom. The activities included exchange of academic meetings, conducting conferences, courses, organizing fellowships, assisting young doctors aspiring career in UK among others.

At the AGM  held at Haydock park, Liverpool in June 2008, it has been decided to promote further the Overseas activities of Society, particularly by expanding the travelling fellowships for aspiring surgeons from India, both trainees and established surgeons.

For further information on various activities of BIOS, please click on the following links. You can also contact the BIOS using the information on the Contact page or Dr. Deepak Shivanna, Assistant professor, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BIOS overseas representative) on deepsdoc@gmail.com for further information. The following are some of the ongoing and planned activities.