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‘Abstract Submission is now Closed’

We will acknowledge receipt of your submission within 48 hours of you sending it.  If you do not receive this acknowledgement, please re-submit your abstract.  Abstracts not acknowledged or sent after the closure date will not be reviewed. 

Submission Email: <removed after closing date>


Starting Text

  • Title (CAP letters)
  • Authors (initials and surnames only). Underline the corresponding author.
  • The text of each abstract should be maximum 400 words.
  • Each abstract must include one complete postal and one email address for reader queries
  • Each abstract must include the source of study (minimum: town/city and country)
  • The following items are NOT permitted and will be deleted from submitted files if found:

Illustrations, tables, references, author qualifications, author first names, author titles, session titles/numbers

  • Please do not use bullet points – they have a tendency to corrupt or convert into question marks or square boxes, which then require to be deleted.
  • Indent text at start of paragraphs

The title should be in bold capitals (upper case), flush to the left margin.  On a new line after a line space the authors’ names should start with their initials, each followed by a full stop before the surname (eg.  F. Smith, A.C.N. Gray, etc).  No medical degrees or appointments should be included.  After the authors’ names there should be just one FULL address (incl. country) as source; and one e-mail address for correspondence.  Leave one line space before beginning abstract. 

Spelling – For English spelling, if possible use the Concise Oxford Dictionary or The Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors.  Note, however, the following:

Use “ise” not “ize” spellings.

Underlining/Italic Type – Underlining, or italic type may be used to stress words or phrases. Latin names should be underlined, or set in italics if available.

Capitals – Use capitals for proper names, titles, geographical names, trade names.

Abbreviations – Abbreviations not in common use should be spelled out in full the first time they occur in a typescript, followed by the abbreviation in brackets.

  • Examples:  Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
  • Short names (of countries, institutions, honours) and well-known acronyms are abbreviated without full stops and without a space between the letters.
  • Examples:  USA, UK, PM (Prime Minister), ESR, WBC, FRS, BA


  • (point on line), 0.78 (not 78), 1.5), 20 g (not 20.0 g);
  • one-half, three-quarters (in text only)

The information above can be download in the attached file.  It also shows an EXAMPLE ABSTRACT.  Abstract Submission Details and Example Download Link